Saturday, January 08, 2011

Race Schedule 2011

Let's hear what everyone's planning to race this year!

I have not signed up for my usual races this year. Instead, I'm going to carefully pick just two marathons to run. I'm considering Orange County (CA) or Newport (OR) in May and Portland (OR) in October. Maybe I'll throw in a Turkey Trot at the end of the year but I'm focusing on the marathon this year.


Sarah said...

So far I've just got the Huntington Beach Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday! Should be a gorgeous run and this year I've decided to run all my races for charity so a new motivation for picking my runs!!!
Looking at the new races is the funnest time of the year!
This is my fundraising site in case anyone is interested!

Jamie said...

DC National Marathon in March.
I ran the half last year and fell absolutely in love with it.
Hoping for good weather like last year. It was in the low 50s. :)

cherl said...

Sarah- I'd love to hear about your experience at HB. I would love to do that one but it's too close to Carlsbad. Good luck on your fundraising for charities! That's an awesome thing to do.

Jamie- Would love to hear about DC National, too. What an incredible route that one must be!

During my run this morning I realized I had totally forgotten to say I'm running the Carlsbad Marathon this year in my original post. I keep thinking the year starts AFTER that marathon (in 2 weeks!) but it doesn't so I'm really looking at 3 marathons this year. !!!

amydear said...

Thought about Newport, but I'm not ready to start training in 3 weeks. My baby is just 5 months old, so I'm going to focus on a fall marathon instead. I'm looking at a half in the Portland/Eugene area in May or June, and then maybe Top of Utah in Logan in September. I'm also doing a relay. Can't wait to race again after a year off!

Stephanie said...

Hey Suzie! I nominated you for a *stylish* blogger award over on my site! Check it out. :)

Tryna said...

I have signed up for Hippie Chick in May, and am doing the Portland Running Academy with a friend which starts on 2/12 so looking forward to that. Then Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on 7/4. I put my name in the lottery for NYC marathon so am leaving it up to fate.

M4 said...

I love the pacing of two full marathons - one June and one in the fall. This year the Manitoba Marathon (Father's Day) and Twin Cities - October 2. Good luck to everyone!!