Sunday, February 27, 2011

choosing a training program

I want to sign up for a spring marathon and think I have one in mind. So tonight I've been looking at various marathon training programs. I don't have a tried & true that I've used in the past. I seem to use a different one every time and these last two marathons I followed my running group's plan. I've put their training program on my calendar again and it looks reasonable given the 9 weeks I have until the marathon. But I'm curious: how do you choose a training program? Do you have one specific one that you always go back to?


Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I don't think too much about the program, I just run what days I can during the week, then do my long runs on the weekend. I slowly add miles each week until I finish at 21 miles, then taper down.

I aim to do a few days of cross training during the week, as I train for this marathon I have been doing work out videos called "insanity" they are hard and really good. I think it has helped increase my speed.

Like you I am a mom, for me it is about finding time, getting it done and not stressing.


Tryna said...

My first marathon was with Portland Fit and I loved that training program. It added mileage slowly which works for me. Whenever I follow it, I do well, but I do try others, but they seem to have too much mileage mid week which doesn't work for me. I am now doing an Academy for Hippie Chick and it's about the same, low mileage during the week, then it slowly adds mileage on the weeekend.