Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been following this McRunner guy's blog. Have you heard of him? He's starting to get a lot of publicity and his fan base has grown by leaps and bounds. I think it may have doubled today alone. I avoid fast food at all costs (and don't eat at McDonald's - ever) so hearing that this guy is only eating McDonald's food during the last 30 days before the L.A. Marathon is crazy. It seems to work for him and he's in healthy enough shape that it probably won't make a difference but I'm still curious. I just hope others don't start following this guy (other than reading his blog).
**I'm also very curious about the double runs he does every day. I'd like to eventually add a second run one day a week.


Run with Jess said...

UGH! I actually think it's silly that a reputable company like Runner's World would feature him on FB yesterday. McD's is perhaps the worst food of all... I mean they even add sugar and dairy to the kids apples! I think it's just plain ignorant to tie McD's into a sport like marathoning.

Sarah said...

Me too!

cherl said...

I agree! I can see this potentially encouraging others who eat unhealthy to take up running without paying attention to their diet. His fan base is skyrocketing and I'm seeing him everywhere. :(