Sunday, March 13, 2011

buying shoes and gear online

Very few things make me happier than new running shoes. And to receive them in the mail FOUR days after I ordered them online? And to pay less than half what I'd pay at the local running store because they are a "close-out" color? I'm in heaven with my new Saucony shoes! Despite running 20 miles yesterday and not really having the time to run today, I had to squeeze in a little time to get these new shoes on my feet today. I love them.
Do you buy shoes and running gear online? I've always gone into the local running store, but these are my 3rd pair of this exact same shoe which I've been very happy with so I felt comfortable buying them online. A friend recommended as one place she gets things. I had to pay for shipping on these shoes, but the total cost was still under $55. They retail for $95 in my local California running store. I should go buy another pair online right now, before they are gone.
If you're buying things online, which sites do you use? I'm looking for some compression socks.


Anonymous said...

I buy my Saucony's online at Holabird, too! Sounds like an ad, but it's true...they have great service and unbeatable deals.

Rachel said...

I just used to buy my shoes - they are coming today! The shoes were $40 less than they were at our local running store. AND they have TWO DAY shipping FOR FREE!!!! Awesome. They carry all major brands. I haven't looked for compression socks, but it's worth looking into.

Run with Jess said...

I'm a VIP member on Always free shipping + I can almost always find another discount code for 10-15% off the VIP price. You have 90 days to run a shoe and exchange if it's not perfect.

I just got compression socks from Love 'em! Use discount code ja001dw for a 15% discount.

I used to have a pair of purple Saucony's! In fact, they still hold my Half PR!

Robin said...

Definitely. Once I know what shoes I wear, I shop online. My current shoes in Canadian Stores range from $140-$170 plus tax. Found a pair in the USA and including shipping $96 Cdn. Also if you get a company in the USA that ships using US Postal Service (vs courier), no duty!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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