Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BEST HEADPHONES I have ever had!

Have you heard of Auria? The company contacted me to give their headphones a try and review them...
They are GREAT! I hope to be having a give away on my blog next week... in the mean time.. check out the phones that wont wiggle or pop out... you can hear sounds around you at the same time you hear your music!!! :)

click here to get to my blog post about it :)

Would love to hear what you all enjoy in the way of headphones :)



The Hungry Runner Girl said...

THank you so so much for the sweetest comment ever, you made my day!! RUNNING WITH KARA.....ahhhh, I would DIE and I would stutter too ha:) I need to try those headphones, I can't wait for the giveaway!! I am so sorry to hear about your friend with the pelvis stress fracture....I feel like I am her twin....tell her to email me and we can vent to each other. Thanks again for your sweet words and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You are an amazing athlete and mom!!

Steve Finnell said...

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pc 360 headphones said...

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That is My Name said...

Awesome review, I own Beats Detox limited edition and I love it, sony offers pretty handsome headphones too.
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