Wednesday, April 27, 2011

running shoes

Does your closet look like mine? I keep my running shoes and clothes together for easy access. My socks, gloves, arm sleeves, hats, etc. are kept elsewhere. In the three milk crates I have cool weather long sleeve shirts and pants in one, shorts and running skirts in another, and tank tops and short sleeved running shirts in the last crate. I currently have 5 pairs of shoes in rotation and another 2 (new) pairs still in their boxes. It feels a little out of control when all my shoes are more or less the same shoe. I don't have Vibrams, racing flats, one of the new "flex" shoes to mimic natural running, etc. What about you? Are you running in a regular running shoe or one of these other alternatives? And does your closet look like mine? Or is it more clean and organized??


ann said...

your closet looks incredibly clean and organized! It actually gave me some ideas for my own closet

erinmalia said...

oh gosh, i wish my closet looked like that. at any given time, i have only two pairs of running shoes: one for just playing and the other for running. when i wear them out, i get a new pair.