Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Marathon Show

Imagine receiving this message online: "We talk about Cherl and her race in OC in this show." You know I had to go listen to the show ASAP and hear what was said about me. Joe Taricani does a fun show dedicated to this sport we all love and if you aren't a fan, you should be. His shows are always entertaining and often they are full of great information. And he's all about giving the average runner out there a little airtime. As he says: We like to make average famous because every one of you has remarkable determination. We celebrate the finish line on The Marathon Show, not the finish time. My minute of airtime can be found at 19:15. Fun!

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Why said...

It is a great show.. we give average runners a platform as well. Check us out. Keep on Inspiring!!

Gotta Run,