Tuesday, May 03, 2011

post-race runs

Curious what you all do after the big race and while your body is recovering? When do you run again? I've always thought of the first two weeks after a race as the opposite of the taper. So the first week I wouldn't run more than what I ran the last week leading up to the race, the second post-race week's mileage wouldn't exceed what I ran two weeks before the race, etc. It seems to work for me. I totally believe in active recovery.

I was looking at my running log and after each marathon I followed it up with a long-ish run that next weekend, something in the 7-10 mile range. I'm already thinking ahead to this weekend's run and what I'll do. Given how I feel today, maybe something in the 5-8 mile range? I ran a very easy 30 minutes (3 miles) on the treadmill today and followed it up with 15 minutes on the bike and a really, really good stretch that incorporated yoga poses. I'm feeling pretty good but also don't want to push things. I always defer to listening to my body so I'll wait until later this week to decide what to run Saturday.

What about you? What is your post-marathon (race?) routine?

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