Sunday, July 31, 2011

1.11 miles

1.11 miles  That's about 9 minutes of running for me.  Not at an all-out pace, but a comfortable tempo sort of pace.  And it's exactly how far off I am from hitting 100 miles for the month.  That's not even my monthly goal (125 miles a month), but a nice round number that I always figure is my absolute minimum for one month.  Yet, it's the 31st day of July and it's now after 9pm.  The kids are asleep and so are half of our house guests.  I could run on the treadmill but it's on the second floor and that might stir the kids.  I could run outdoors but it's awfully dark.  The gym has been closed for over an hour.  And the fact that I'm just 1.11 miles short of 100 miles is driving me nuts -- absolutely, positively, certifiably nuts.

Tomorrow morning I will join my running group for our usual Monday 6 miler.  However, I will be waking 15 minutes early so I can get in an extra mile (plus some).  I've got to hit August hard and early before another month goes by and I fall short again... by a silly 1.11 miles

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