Thursday, August 18, 2011

half marathon: second chance!

Two years ago I ran the America's Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego and ran a horrible race.  I saw the finish clock as I ran towards it hit 2:00 and keep going.  In 2009, I ran a 2:00:42.  My time -- as painful as it was when all my friends ran much faster times -- was okay for the race but it was the way that I ran the race that was so bad.

The race starts at historic Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.  The first mile or two are relatively flat and run through the cemetery and then through beautiful neighborhoods.  Then the course drops.  The next five or so miles are downhill and fast.  In 2009, I started the race with friends and when we hit the downhill we were flying.  I remember checking out my Garmin and seeing it read sub-7:00 pace which is way too fast for me.  And, of course, I died at the bottom.  The route flattens out at this point for a few miles along the harbor before ramping back up through downtown to Balboa Park.  I had zero energy left for even the flat portions.  The hill to Balboa Park was a nightmare. 

This year, I'm running my own race.  Imagine that!  AFC is this weekend and I plan to run a very smart race and walking away with at least a sub 1:50 finish.  The weather could be a factor.  The hill at the end will definitely be a factor.  But I'm prepared and I have a game plan.  I'm ready to kick this race's butt the way it kicked mine two years ago.

Do you have a race like that?  One where you ran horribly and have plans to run it again, only smarter?   


Kelly(M&M) said...

Cherl, I love your posts and can't wait to hear if you got your goal to kick it's butt! I am sure you did.

My redemption race was the Newport Marathon. It was my first marathon and was a horrible experience for me. At Mile 7, I was having a hard time breathing and had to walk/run the last 19.2 miles. I ran a 5:11. 2:10 first half, 3 hour second half. Yep, it was as bad as it sounds. You would think that would make me give up marathons, but it made me determined to figure it out.

3 years later, and after much learning and a couple of marathons, I tackled the Newport Marathon again and had the best race of my life! I ran a 3:48 and felt amazing. That was in 2008 and I have yet to beat that time. Someday I will get my BQ!

cherl said...

Didn't get in under 1:50. Boo. It's a tough course - basically a rolling warm-up for a mile or two followed by 4 or 5 miles of a pretty good downhill... a few flat miles and then 1.5 miles up hill. It's much easier to run something more rolling. Down, flat and up is tough and the last 1.5 are endless. Lots of turns that feel like they'll never end! The hills got me again yesterday. Finished in 1:53 which I'm pleased with!