Wednesday, August 24, 2011

race photos

Seriously, what am I looking at?  Why are my elbows so far out from my body?  Do I really look like this when I run??  Ugh.

What is it about race photos??  Why can't they ever be good shots like those we see on the cover of Runner's World??  For once, I'd like a good photo of me running with great form, smiling instead of looking like I'm in pain, etc.  Maybe then I'd actually purchase it.  Of course, I do look like the photos when I run so maybe I should make an effort to look like I'm having fun, practice good form, etc.! 

Do you have a bad race photo?  Come on... share it with us! 

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KB said...

A friend of mine once said that when she notices a camera along the course, she just does something crazy as her photo(s) is/are being taken. I took up that philosophy and have some decent photos now. If I don't look good when I am running, at least I look like I am having fun.