Sunday, September 25, 2011

the Lemon Run ~ a 4.6 mile fundraiser

This morning I had the great honor of participating in this small but really good running event -- Max's Ring of Fire & Alex's Lemonade Stand's LEMON RUN.  It was a 4.6 mile run around a San Diego County lake on a paved bike path.  The fundraiser benefits two organizations that raise money for pediatric cancer research.  A friend of mine is involved in one of them which is how I learned of this event.  The route was scenic since it followed the lake perimeter and mostly flat.  The course was the most supported course I have ever seen in a running event.  The 4.6 mile distance was the longest event so they only had water along the course, but they had water every mile of the course.  !!!  Registration included a short sleeved t-shirt, a few sponsor donations and a timed bib -- all for $30.  The finish line had more water, lemonade, bagels, bananas, oranges and a couple of Larabar varities.  This is better than some of the (much) larger events I've participated in.  And there were no crowds because it was such a small event.  I loved this event.  I loved participating in this event.  I loved making an additional donation for such an important cause.  I loved participating with friends who aren't runners.  I loved seeing all the happy, fun people out on the course today.  And I loved that, no matter how small my contribution was, I was there and made a difference. 

I ran this event with my friend who just signed herself up for a half marathon in January.  She's not a runner and when I asked this morning what pace she would run, she wasn't sure but estimated a time she was comfortable with.  We finished today almost a full minute faster per mile than she thought she could do.  I chatted the whole time to keep her distracted.  She was so proud of herself and finished feeling really good.  I love that.  I stopped steps before crossing the finish line so she could finish before me today.  She loved that.    

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That does sound like a fun run!