Thursday, September 01, 2011

roll call: August mileage

Oops!  I forgot to post monthly mileage for June and July.  Are you keeping track?  How did your summer pan out?  I know summer isn't quite over yet, but it feels like it with the kids back in school this week, leaves are beginning to turn colors around here and there's that nip in the air early and late in the evening.  Of course, there's also all the great fall races that we all love to do!  What's on your calendar for the fall??


cherl said...

June: 119.37
July: 98.89
August: 126.72

Summer 2011 total: 344.98 miles

I'm on track to hit my goal of 1500 miles in 2011. Here's to healthy running this fall!

I'm running a 4.6 mile charity run later this month and then the Cal. International Marathon in December.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

June - 131 miles
July - 116 miles
August - 115 miles

Right now I can't think too far beyond my half on Sunday and full marathon on the 18th.

Lacey Sue said...

June: 73.02
July: 96.95
August: 97.41
Summer total: 267.36 m
A good steady improvement through out the summer! Love being back into running!! Having babies sets you back sometimes ;)!!! lol, but I still love them!!! This is the best summer of running I have had in the 3 years I have run ;)

Erin S said...

116 miles. It was fun adding that up! Yay me!

amydear said...

I eeked out 75 for August, but am mostly taking Sept. off to rest my foot. But I've got a half marathon scheduled for the end of October, so I'm hoping for the best. Wish I'd been keeping track all year. It's fun to see progress.