Saturday, October 01, 2011

What a difference a year makes...

One year ago I was in the best shape of my life! I had a fantastic training cycle, without any injuries. I felt great going into the St. George Marathon. I felt confident that if all went well, I could finally reach my dream of qualifying for Boston. Unfortunately, the weather and the altitude affected me more than I expected and I watched my dream slip through my fingers. I still had a memorable race and my husband, Jeff joined me for the last 5 miles, which was great.
During my run this morning, I reflected on where I have been since then:

I have moved twice! (in the same city)
Decided to start trying to have another baby. (still no luck yet)
Watched my best friend(and running partner) move away.
Earned my Personal Trainer Certification.
Been frustrated with my weight as I try to figure out how to exercise and burn enough calories while NOT training for a marathon.
Realized it is NOT the right time for me to be a Personal Trainer.
Gone to New York for a week with my husband and ran a 10K through Central Park.
Ran my first summer in 9 year without training for a race.
Learned that I do much better with a race to train for.

So, here I am and I am proud of myself for running 9 miles this morning!! Woo hoo! It reminded me how much I love running, and how much I connect myself with being a runner. I am grateful for running partners who have been patient with me as I figure out my place as a runner and/or nonrunner. I am recommitting to running, even if I can't commit to a race right now.

Good luck to all those St. George runners this morning. I hope you are having the time of your lives. (and I hope the weather is better than it was last year!)


Lacey Sue said...

Way to go on your 9 miles!! THAT IS AWESOME!

cherl said...

Awesome, Kelly!! Love your reflection and your ability to share that openly. You know I think the world of you and always wish you the best. Congrats on a great run today. There will be many more of those for you. :)

I saw the forecast for St. George and it was hot hot hot AGAIN this year! I thought last year was a fluke but apparently not. So glad I didn't try to get into it again this year. I was thinking about all the runners out there this morning in St. George and wishing them all the best today. If you ran it, please share your experience! Mine last year was very similar to Kelly's.

Mrs JP Chaos said...

You are so incredible. I'm just sorry that I am only now seeing this.

You are 1/3 of the reasons I even started running in the 1st place. (Sarah and Chelle make up the other 2/3s.) And Sunday, I finished my very first 26.2.

You inspire me all the dang time. No matter your mileage.

Love to you...