Monday, December 05, 2011

What did you run? 11/28 - 12/4

Monday Miles! How was your first week during this wonderful holiday season?


cherl said...


Ran the California International Marathon in Sacramento yesterday. Fantastic race -- a dream course, perfect weather. Half of us had awesome races (2 girls BQ'd for the first time!) while the other half of dealt with some issue. One guy's lack of sleep these last 2 weeks caught up to him. One girl threw up 3 times after mile 24 and immediately sought medical help after crossing the finish. I suffered from an extremely tight calf after 20 miles. I did everything right in terms of hydration and electrolytes. I think I'm just not preparing myself in training to get through those last few miles. My calf and everything else was simply fatigued. Having to stop and stretch it every half to full mile was annoying. I was also very hungry in the last 2-3 miles, right about the time you're back downtown and the restaurants are preparing to open. If I had seen someone with food, I would have asked to have it. The orange slice and two Red Vines were not working for me. Still, excellent race. I will do this one again, for sure.. If you enjoy cooler races with one seriously straight rolling descent, get yourself to Sacramento! I took 40 seconds off my PR and ran a very smart race. I was happy to hold it together mentally in the end, too -- that was a first. Next up: LA in 16 weeks. !!!

Lacey Sue said...

Really struggling with my pace and mileage right now. Can't really figure out what my deal is. *sigh* it could simply be that I am being forced do to treadmill runs now!
Considering doing my first half marathon....what do you ladies think?!?!?

jonnyhaws said...

Would love a mention of these great running shirts for marathon moms.