Monday, December 12, 2011

What did you run? 12/5 - 12/11

How'd you do this last week?  Are you keeping track of your 2011 mileage?  How's that going??


cherl said...


My marathon was last Sunday, the 4th, so I took the entire week off. I ran 8 miles this morning but that doesn't count for last week's mileage. I must say, doing absolutely NOTHING for an entire week was kind of nice... ;-)

I'm inching closer to my 2011 mileage goal. I'll be in Oregon the last week of December so that may throw me off but I'm determined to get 1500 miles in this year!

Jeff said...

23. I am getting back into running. I am happy with that number. Good for you for taking the week off! But, many 8 miles is a big run back. :-) My long run was 8 miles!

Sounds like we will miss each other when you are here. Congrats on your goal!

Lacey Sue said...

40.06 miles
Finally decided to do the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. Been really pushing speed training on the treadmill, and WOWZER, have I felt the burn! :)

Roxy said...

GREAT site... fellow exerciser here~ Mommy and Me class~ and marathoner...getting a group together this year to tackle 26.2 in Chicago... already have 15 moms for the training...many have never even attempted a half...the spring is that goal...then move into FULL training this summer!!
Getting back to the blog world ...will stop again!