Friday, January 13, 2012

Olympic Marathon Trials

The Marathon Trials for the 2012 Summer Olympics are tomorrow in Houston. NBC has 2 hours of coverage in the afternoon. I just set my DVR! I'm hoping these fast ladies will motivate me to run a marathon this year. It's been three years since I last ran one, and I'm feeling the urge.



cherl said...

Have you watched it yet?? I avoided Facebook all morning because I didn't want to see the results until I got to watch the Trials. LOVED THEM. What an amazing group of athletes. I cried when the 4th place guy finished and again as the top women finished -- yay Desiree!! I was equally happy for Shalane, and esp. Kara, whom I've always enjoyed following. The summer olympics are definitely my favorite! Can't wait for them to start!!

amydear said...

I stayed up late Saturday night watching. Dathan Ritz (#4 man) trains in Eugene, so I was heartbroken for him. So happy for the women! My kids even loved watching. Can't wait for London.