Wednesday, January 11, 2012

running blogs

I'm curious what some of your favorite running blogs are...??  I don't read any regularly but have gone to SkinnyRunner many times to read her race reviews since most are in the area and/or along the west coast.  Which one(s) do you read, if any?


Lacey Sue said...

Two I follow religiously are:
See Mom Run Far- truly inspirational
BQby40- also inspirational, down to earth, fabulous read!
I highly HIGHLY suggest both of these blogs for ladies and gents of all running phases (beginner, seasoned, marathon Goddess etc...) lol!

trifitmom said...

shut up and run

trifitmom said...

that is the name of the blog

Nicole said...

I also love shut up and run. I also like Mommy, run fast!, Run Faster, Mommy!, and Run to Health.

Nicole said...

Oh I forgot, Mom vs. Marathon.

cherl said...

Thanks for the great list! I love SHUT UP AND RUN (and love how you wrote that in two comments) but hadn't seen the others. The first one, Lacey Sue, is AMAZING. I just briefly glanced at her blog but I'm blown away at her dedication. I also feel like such a slacker now! Thanks for posting these.