Saturday, March 31, 2012

Junior Carlsbad

This morning my monkeys participated in the Junior Carlsbad running races.  The event is extremely well-organized and a world class, family friendly event.  It was honored recently when named the “Youth Event of the Year” at Running USA 2011: The Industry Conference.  It's really that good.  And we're so fortunate to have this awesome event in our hometown.  They truly make it a fun, fun, fun event for everyone!

The kids all run in their own age brackets: my daughter ran in her 4 year old division (1/4 mile) and my son ran in his 6 year old division (1/2 mile).  Each found friends in their respective divisions to run with.  I knew there was no way I'd run alongside my son but I thought I would run just ahead of my daughter outside the race route.  No way.  She wore her game face today and tackled that race like no other 4 year old.  I think we have a natural runner in her -- and she absolutely loved it.  Both kids had fantastic races and really enjoyed the pre-race festivities, the race today and the post-race festivities afterwards.  I love that they've embraced this sport and love it as much as I do. 

What about your kids?  Do they run?  Do you encourage them to enter races?  For my kids, it's all fun.  I didn't see the older kids' divisions but heard the 10 year who finished first finished in 5:14 or something.  Her race was ONE MILE.  And I also heard she threw up at the finish.  Sounds a bit extreme to me and I don't want my kids to run that hard this young.  Your thoughts?


Barrett Family said...

Yay!! That is so awesome your little ones enjoy your love for running. They look so happy!

My 6 year old daughter, Payton just did a "fun run" for the Boosterthon at school -- she completed 32 laps and our 13 year old, Dylan has participated in some fun runs at school but he and I are training for his first 5k on St. Augustine beach, FL. I ran my first half marathon two years ago and have truly found a passion for running. I've also been a buddy for an event they do in schools here called "Girls on the Run". I love promoting health and exercise to our children and others but I don't want them to push themselves past a point to feel the need to be "perfect".

Kelly(M&M) said...

Sounds like a great race, Cherl! What an awesome PR. I am so happy for you!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Oops, I wrote that on the wrong post. Your kids are adorable!! I love watching them grow up through pictures. :-) Sounds like an amazing event for the whole family!

cherl said...

I've heard of Girls on the Run. What a fantastic thing to be involved in. I would like to be involved with that in a few years, too.

Hope you and your son have a great 5K! I'm always floored by how fast these young kids can run.