Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Miles: 3/19 - 3/25

I know some have kids who've started their Spring Breaks already.  Living in a family vacation destination (Legoland California is in our town), we know very well when Spring Break begins and ends around the country.  The theme park, restaurants, and streets have all been busy in our sleepy little beach town for the past week.  I've seen vacationers out exercising, too, which is always fun.  I passed a woman this week who was clearly doing the same loop I was doing only in reverse.  The second pass was in front of her hotel.  I personally love love love to run when I travel.  There's no better way to see a new place.  Are you traveling for Spring Break this year?  Where will your runs take you??


cherl said...

20.18 miles (post marathon week)

Our Spring Break is one of the last in the country (second week of April). We have friends and family traveling between now and then, all with stops in our town. It's like a series of one day vacations for us so our Spring Break will likely be a staycation so we can get some things done after all our visitors leave!

Barrett Family said...

We did a lot of traveling for Spring Break. Stayed in the Nickelodeon Hotel (ran the parking lot -- least dangerous), Seaworld, went fishing, went to visit our favorite local fresh market, Marineland to feed the dolphins, cooked out and rode bikes on the beach. Busy but loved every minute of it! Our 13 year old son and I are a training for a local 5k on St. Augustine beach (his first, definitely not mine first) on April 14th. So proud of him!