Sunday, April 23, 2006

That was great!!

Yesterday's run felt great! I think I'm even starting to like the Roy Rogers run. I think my shin splints are healing. Now... if I can only get rid of the ice burns I'll be in great shape for the marathon! I am really looking forward to it... and wearing my cute new pink shirt. :) Today I was thinking about it, and about how sad I think I'll be when it is over! I'm glad we have a couple of 5Ks in the weeks that follow. Let's run this week before you leave. What was your final time yesterday? A new PR?! Call me!

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marathonmommy said...

It was so great you posted twice, eh? :-) Anyway, I already talked to you so you know I loved it too! I am so happy and relieved to hear that your shins felt good. I really want you to feel 100% ready for the marathon because you are. It is going to be so fun. And, by the way, I hate to tell you this, but it is never going to be over. You are stuck with me now. I hope after all this that you are hooked and want to train for Boston! Thanks again for a great run. I will blog more about it on my blog.