Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Run-for-the-Bling - 5 Days To Go!

foxy: 5
roxanne:1 (with a legitimate "free pass" for morning sickness... feel better soon!)
team hanni: 1
chelle: 5

ang: 2
cherl: 1
m&m: 6
suzie petunia: 4
annie: 2

polliwog: 5
seanandjess: 5
sticki niki: 4

The last day to run and have it "count" in this contest is this Saturday, December 15. Keep running!

As always, send any corrections in my calculations to me at suziepetunia at gmail dot com.

Remember... This is supposed to be FUN! Happy Running!

Click here for complete rules and a picture of the fabulous Run-for-the-BLING prize!


Team Hanni said...

I'm back in! Add me for 13.1 on Saturday and 5 for today.

sarah k. said...

Oh man! I wish I'd found this contest last week. I've run 9 days since the 1st, though I sure haven't run as far as you all. I'm shocked at myself, but I'm doing it for my sanity. With 3 little kids an no car, and living in a new town, the loneliness sets in pretty deep, so running is the only thing I can do to get out. I wish I were able to do longer distances, but I'm not ready yet, physically (post-pregnancy) and psychologically. But I ran today!

SeanandJess said...

Count me for a run today!

M&M said...

Count me in! I did a 3 miler today.
Jana- Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about your weekend and your race.

Sarah- Welcome! I hope you will visit often! I think our babies might be around the same age. Good job on your running!

Seanandjess- Good job!

Polliwog said...

Count me for a run today too. I got four miles of running, then walked/ran (mostly walked) another 2.5 so I could finish my movie. ;)

Suzie Petunia said...

You guys are awesome! I ran and did yoga. *ommmmmm* What perfect combo!

Sticky Niki said...

I ran Tuesday!

Ang said...

I did 4 miles yesterday, Monday. My power was out and I couldn't post! Thank goodness we have it back this morning.

Ang said...

I meant Tuesday. My days are all mixed up! I did not run Monday.