Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wednesday - Run-for-the-Bling Update

Don't hesitate to still post about your own running!

foxy: 2
team hanni: 1

chelle: 2
ang: 2
cherl: 1
m&m: 3
suzie petunia: 2
annie: 1
polliwog: 3
seanandjess: 1

Click here for complete rules and a picture of the fabulous Run-for-the-BLING prize! If you ran today (Wednesday, December 5) be sure to let us know in the comments.

Please correct me if you have run more than this since the contest began on Saturday, December 1.

email me at suziepetunia at gmail dot com.

It is never too late to enter the contest!


M&M said...

I am still in! I ran 5 miles with the group this morning at o'dark thirty. Then I slept the rest of the morning-so productive!

foxontherun said...

I ran this morning

Sticky Niki said...

So I just learned about this contest! And to think I ran Saturday and Tuesday for no credit!

Chelle said...

Count me for a run this a.m.

SeanandJess said...

I ran today too so I am at 2 now!