Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weight loss Mommies Checkin- Sept 22-Sept 29th

Well, I shouldn't call it weight loss, since I didn't lose even 1 pound this week! Ugh! I am trying not to get frustrated since I know the numbers on the scale don't always reflect what's going on, but come on, we all like to see the numbers go down!

So, the boot camp has been a great change for me. I love having someone else tell me what to do, and after the first day I was more sore than after a marathon! It was strange not knowing anyone else in the class, but the girls are great and pretty competitive so that keeps me going.

My food update- Still going strong with the no desserts! It has been 17 days (I feel like an alcoholic- counting by days!). This weekend I was mocked mercilessly as my friends went to Cold Stone and Dairy Queen and I ate jello with lite whipped cream. :-) I had my own bag of pita chips and hummus and that held me over fine. I did have a Jamba Juice at the triathlon and I accidentally ate 2 M&Ms out of the trail mix, but other than that I have stayed to my plan!

Thanks for all your awesome ideas! How is it going for the rest of you?

I am also anxious to hear race reports from the weekend. Come on, girls!


Jen said...

You sooooo do not need to lost weight, you little thing with awesome legs! Yes, I'm still alive, and back on the blogging bandwagon! How the heck are you guys?

JP said...

Hello Jen!! :)

I'm going okay, actually. I didn't even do too bad over the weekend. (Although, I did eat a lot of tri-tip...my dad's bbq, who can resist?)

I've lost a couple of pounds, but more importantly, I finally feel good again running. I've struggling so much with it I'm so glad that finally I feel good again. That's the best part of this whole thing.

Robyn said...

Wow you are so impressive. 17 days is amazing, you have so much control. Good luck with your goal, it sounds like you're doing great. Don't let anyone make fun of you, they're just jealous they can't do it!! Keep strong!