Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What to do

So here I am 11 days till the marathon, and I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I am trying to stay calm and be possitive (I think I can, I think I can) But, I am having a really hard time deciding if I should run with my fuel belt or not. I have trained with it this whole time. I ran with it in during my half marathon but ended up giving it to my parents during the race cause I didnt need it. I read that the drink posts are every 2 miles in the St. George Marathon. Should I wear it to be safe or no? I really would just carry it for water, ibuprofin and gu. But it just seems to bug me during a race. The real reason I am nervous not to have it is every once in a while after a lot of miles (during training) my mouth will be so so dry that I feel like I cant even swallow. So its really nice to have that belt handy if a station wasnt close. But maybe I could just use a spectators water if I was desperate enough?? Or make sure I am drinking at the stations so this doesnt happen. HELP!! What is your advice? Also I am really starting to worry about the weather. I have ran my long runs really early in the morning to avoid the heat. I am now worried because the SGM doesnt start till 6:45 which means I will probably finish around noon. Its still in the 90's down there. Have those of you that have ran the sgm, have you noticed the heat and has it been awful. Was there anything to help if it was really hot. Thanks again ladies. I look forward to your words of wisdom.


Lisa said...

I would say that it is better to have and be annoyed than not have it and be under hydrated. I'll tell you... I didn't run with my hydration belt during my marathon and I regretted it. I do better taking a little sip every now and then than 6 ounces at a water stop. I also need water when I eat Gu and I hated trying to figure out how far away the water stop was so I could eat a Gu.

My friend took her belt and was very happy she did. She only ran with one or two bottles (instead of all four) and she refilled at water stops.

Oh... you should change your mantra from "I think I can" to "I KNOW I can." You have done the training and you WILL finish.

Good luck with your race!

foxontherun said...

I ran St. George with fuel belt and Boston without. I think I preferred running without. My belt tends to creep up my waist and it bothered me. The water stations in St. George are great very well stocked. I would wear shorts that have a small pocket for gu and ibprofen and count on the water stations.

I was also worried about the heat and it was perfect weather for a marathon. It was cold in the morning and by the time I was done it was still cool.

Good Luck! It will be fun.

Tall Girl Running said...

I'd strongly suggest doing what you've done in training. If you're used to wearing the belt on long runs, it won't bother you that much during the race. You won't need to worry how far the next station is, especially if you could really use a drink NOW. And given the predicted warm temperature, it sounds like you're likely going to need as much hydration as possible. If you're getting enough water at the aid stations, use the extra water on your belt to pour over your head once in awhile. In 90 degree weather, every little bit will make a difference!

Yeah, fuel belts can be uncomfortable and cumbersome, but over the course of 26.2 miles, there's not going to be a whole lot that isn't uncomfortable! Better to be sure you have your supplies easily at hand when you need them than worry about being a little uncomfortable.

lilrunner73 said...

I agree with the others that have said to run with your belt if you're concerned about it. I've run St. George 3 times and have never used my belt because the water stations were so well stocked and were only two miles apart after mile 3. But if you're worried, better safe than sorry. You can always have a friend or family member at mile 16 to take the belt from you if you're tired of carrying it.

As far as the heat goes, the last two years were not bad as far as heat, but the first year I ran it, it was getting pretty warm from mile 20 to the end. That year they had showers a couple of times along the course that you could run through. And once you get into town, the spectators will spray you or give you cold wash cloths, or even ice in baggies.

Good luck!!

Megan Adamson said...

I am also running in the stg marathon. I am getting nervous also. I have never ran a full marathon before. I was not even thinking of running with my belt because the water station are every 2 miles. I think that I also need to say I KNOW I CAN. Good luck. Maybe you will pass me on the way.