Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weird Questions - I'm Full of 'Em

To celebrate a birthday, we ate at a Brazilian Steakhouse on Saturday night. For a flat fee, you can pretty much have as much meat as you can pack in...16 different kinds. I'm not a huge meat-eater, but for special occasions such as this (hello, fillet Mignon!) I had more than my fair share of protein.

The next day, still feeling full from the late dinner, I ate a NuGo bar and a cup of tea for breakfast and a NuGo bar for lunch. (I should probably note that these bars have 9 grams of protein each.) Oddly enough, later on that day, I ran the best 10 miles I ever have.

Yes, I am improving as a runner and I am (slightly) better at my training, but seriously. Ten miles of great. Sure I was wiped out at the end, but I felt awesome. (Oh, and all my co-Asics2130 fans? My feet were so happy, too, LOL.)

The reason I question this is that so many people (athletes/runners) talk about the importance of carbohydrates. After this weekend, I have to wonder if it is true for everyone. Which is why I'm asking my favorite running mamas.

Coincidence? Or maybe it has nothing to do with protein but everything to do with Brazilian steakhouses and NuGo bars. I'm okay with that, too.


Lisa said...

Yummy! I sure do love Brazilian steakhouses!

I am just the opposite, however. I have noticed that when I have a steak dinner before a long run, it doesn't have the best effect. When I think of my worst runs, I can usually point to a low-carb dinner the night before. I am not saying it was the cause, but probably a factor.

I think maybe you are right- everyone is different. You might try having a high protein dinner next week and see how you feel. There are probably a lot of other factors that helped your run (hydration, rest and good training)

Great job on a great run! Don't they feel wonderful?

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey JP,

I think your questions are fun. We never know what we are going to get from you. :-) I think that Lisa's advice is great. If it works for you, then keep it up. Once I found a pre-run food that I liked and didn't upset my stomach- I never changed it. If the meat works, just add carbs also. Especially before a long run, your body definitely needs carbs. Maybe the protein helped with the recovery and left your body ready for your run.

Whatever the reason, I am glad you had an awesome run! You rock!!

JP said...

That's what I'm here keep ya wondering just what I'll ask next! Kidding...

It was an awesome husband said I came into the house glowing. I figure the glowing offsets the stink. ;)

Mary said...

you are so awesome!! i wanted you to know i ran a 5k today. i was dying!!! it was the first time i've run in like, 2 years. but we gotta start small right? he he. you are my inspiration!!

Robyn said...

I had a 9 mile run yesterday and felt awful... maybe I should have had steak the night before! I have never heard of this happening to someone after so much protein... I thought you were going to tell us you had serious stomach cramps or the runs or something! Apparently, I need to go buy some NuGo bars!

Ang said...

I ate at an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse too! So I did that Friday night and then ran Sat. morning. Unfortunately I didn't have an awesome run. It was a long hard 7 miles. :) But, I'm thinking that it has more to do with the fact that I haven't run in 4 weeks. Ha ha. So maybe steak and your bars are the ticket!! Also, I'm so proud of your training! Sounds like it's going great. Mine, um sucks. :)

P.S. Are you coming to SLC this year???

chicklet said...

So, very newly pregnant (so newly that I'm thinking saying this is a bad idea), but longtime runner training for her first half marathon... my findings have been when I have carbs for lunch and dinner the day before a long run, my run is waaaaaay better. Steak and salad, meh, not so much.

Good luck!

JP said...

Thanks for all the info, guys. I was just so curious. :)

Ang! I'll be in SLC for Wasatch Back, my dear! You rock, by the way... :)

JP said...

Mary, you are fantastic! Good luck with your training!

Robyn, I LOVE NuGo bars. They are the perfect "meal" if I'm running short on time. Which is most of the time.

(Chicklet: congrats!!!)