Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race Report

I just ran my first Marathon last weekend! Thanks for all the great comments on my previous "Injury" post. I think your well wishes and good vibes worked! Check out my race report if you have time to read a really long post :)  Hope all of you who just ran Salt Lake are having a nice recovery!

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Cal said...

That is a great report! I'm so glad that you had a good run!!! I know that hill at the end does'nt look that bad until your running it and then it's a monster...but coming down off of it is so awesome! I loved all of the things that you mentioned you learned...that is so true-especially that it is sooo possible to do HARD things! I ran the full marathon there last year and I loved it and this year I just ran the half but I really loved that course! It was a great race!! (well except for the TWO hours I waited afterwards for my gear bag-but that's another story :) Congratulations again!!!!